Test – Kelimeler4




Kelimeleri yeniden gözden geçirebilirsiniz.

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Cümlelerdeki boşlukları doğru kelimelerle doldurunuz.

#1 Ardahan is not _______ İstanbul. It is far from İstanbul.

#2 I want to go to bed because I am ________

#3 The secretary is not sleeping. She is working. She is very ________.

#4 Ahmet is not working. He is taking a _______ on the chair.

#5 Haşim is very ________ because Cemile loves him.

#6 Kazım is not a good driver. He never wears a ____________.

#7 I don’t _____________ you. What are you talking about?

#8 Cemile is not watching TV. She is ___________ mathematics.

#9 Elephants are very _________.

#10 One _________ is twentyfour hours.

#11 One year is twelve _________.

#12 One minute is sixty __________.

#13 We are in the __________ century.

#14 Osman is __________ because Cemile refuses him.

#15 I am very sleepy. I _________ to sleep.

#16 Cavit ________ in İstanbul because he is a teacher at İstanbul Lisesi.

#17 Kürk Mantolu Madonna is a _________. Its writer is Sabahattin Ali.

#18 Shakespeare in the most famous writer in English _________.

#19 I always wake up at 7 _______. Then I go to school.

#20 _______ Ahmet and Mehmet are my friends.

#21 George is a bad student. He doesn’t _________ the school rules.

#22 In the morning, we have breakfast. At noon, we have _______. In the evening we have dinner.